Romain Bonnet Loupian, Frankreich

A former professional flamenco guitarist, romain bonnet immersed himself in a new artistic project that has always been important to him. he manipulates, processes and retreats his photographs with the help of specialized software to achieve the results he aspires. for connoisseurs, he plays mainly with fusion masks and brushes, seeking to achieve effects close to painting. he succeeds in obtaining the desired shades and lighting effects. Most of the time, the photographs of the women support him in expressing his ideas and inspiration: "I do not have a routine or an artistic ritual in my creations, just like a musician (whom I have been) a great place for improvisation ". an improvisation "mastered", with always an idea or a message to pass. thus, his creations bring an aura of mystery, fueled by digital effects. the subject often stares at the viewer, letting him dive into this unreal gaze. the face can be seen, framed and eaten away by the scenery. the features mix, alter the reality we recognize to give way to a raw expression. People, young, beautiful and smooth skin, then gain in texture. their status of inaccessible beauty disappears under the profane attacks of painting. paradoxically, they acquire in this approach a new materiality; leaving an important place to their initial magnificence, while subjugating it with micro-imperfections.