The fox

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Foxes is a collective name for a number of species of Canids. Most species belong to the genus Vulpes. The most widespread species, and the only found naturally in Netherlands and Belgium, the ordinary Fox, Vulpes vulpes. The false foxes – members of the canidae family in other genera than Vulpes – owe their popular name "Fox" to their similarity with the regular Fox.

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All Individuals Animals photo de profilI really love animals. I work with them every day at home and at work. But also in my free time i spent along with them enjoying the beautiful aspects from every single individual

With my camera i try to let you see the animal as pure as possible. I don't like to put them in a position, i wanna take pictures of the daily moments and as an individuals

Thats were the name come from: All Individuals Animals

Enjoy the pictures!

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