Royal Theater Carré, Amsterdam sur Erik Zachte

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Light sculpture Big Tree, by Jacques Rival, as part of Amsterdam Light Festival 2013-2014.

The Royal Theater Carré is a theater in the center of Amsterdam. Its original name is Circus Carré. Carré is located next to the Amstel, close to Waterlooplein.
In 1977 Carré became the official theater of Amsterdam, when the municipality bought it. When it existed for one hundred years it became the Royal Theater Carré.

Carré is closely connected to the family Carré. This family group gave their first performances by the end of the 18th century and in 1863 they came to the Netherlands for the first time.
In 1866 Oscar Carré finally got permission to build his first stone theater, and on 3 December 1887 this building was officially opened. It was immediately a big success.

The Royal Theater Carré nowadays is still being used for show and performances. There's a big offer of shows like dance, cabaret, stand up comedian, opera, operetta, theater shows, classical concerts, pop concerts, poetry etc. In the lobby several statues are placed. These statues belong to famous artists that have performed at the Carré.

(source Wikipedia)

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