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Emanuele Pirro & Max Werner, Ferrari 312B3 (ex-Niki Lauda), Grand Prix de Monaco Historique 2016

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En savoir plus sur Mattijs Diepraam

Mattijs Diepraam photo de profilMattijs Diepraam's motorsport photography originated from his journalistic work. Since 2012 he has been active as a freelance motorsport journalist for media such as, Octane, Formula 1 Magazine and Historic Motor Racing News. He also does PR for various motorsport teams and organizations. He always carries his camera with him, even at the time when he still visited race meetings as an enthusiast. The work that he shot pleased the various editors-in-chief so much that they commissioned him not only to return with his stories, but also with photos. 'A picture that goes with the words' is how he describes his work as a photojournalist.

Diepraam subsequently developed his own view of motorsport, in which he translates his knowledge of the motorsport world into images. He knows which stories need to be told and therefore which images go best with these. 'From this follows that it's best to make these pictures yourself.' In his photography, he then tried to shape his journalistic view as creatively and surprisingly as possible. 'My photos must capture reality', he says, 'but may be a bit 'bigger than life'. After all, that's motor racing. Lots of colours, lots of sound, lots of emotion. Freezing a quiet moment in all of this is the most beautiful thing there is.'

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