Castle Heemstede at sunrise, Houten, The Netherlands

sur Pierre Timmermans

Castle Heemstede at sunrise, Houten, The Netherlands sur Pierre Timmermans

Achetez cette oeuvre sur toile, aluminium, Xpozer ou photographie (encadrée), impression d'art en haute qualité et tout format.

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Castle Heemstede at Houten, The Netherlands at sunrise.

Kasteel (castle) Heemstede is originally build in 1635 (in a "Hollands classicisme" style) near the then called village Heemstede (which does no longer exist). Castles which were build in the 17th century didn't have any purpose for defence, so they were only build for luxury. The beautiful garden (internationally famous) felt in disrepair in the 18th century.
In 1987 the castle almost completely burned down and it lasted until 1999, when a Dutch company bought it, before it became restored. In 2002 the restoring came to an end. Later on some outbuildings were rebuild.

On the terrain some old walls remain. They aren't restored and suffer from decay. In one of these walls was this very special "window with a view".....

Now-a-days the company holds his residence in the castle and in the beautiful basement of the castle is a very fine restaurant honoured with a Michelin star situated.

Cette œuvre est offerte par Pierre Timmermans

Pierre Timmermans photo de profilPhotography is a hobby but at the same time a real passion to me. Not a single day will pass without shooting pictures. All kind of pictures, but I love strobisten photography (shooting with off camera flash) and nature photography the most. I strive to shoot the right atmosphere together with a picture that is as perfect as possible and technically sound; Post processing is a necessary evil, I try to limit that to a minimum. The pictures from my collection are normally as faithfully as possible. Colors are not oversaturated, extra unnecessary accents are avoided. I believe that although the (over)accentuated pictures initially give you a WOW-feeling, that the same picture after a while, will bore you. That will not be the case with lifelike pictures, pictures of which you might have come to love and need after some time.

I write under the name Pjerry reviews for and I write under my own name on also articles and frontpage posts.

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