Waterdroplet with chemical formula H2O

Waterdroplet with chemical formula H2O par l'artiste Wijnand Loven

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Waterdroplet with chemical formula H2O

sur Wijnand Loven

Waterdroplet with chemical formula H2O sur Wijnand Loven

Achetez cette oeuvre sur toile, aluminium, Xpozer ou photographie (encadrée), impression d'art en haute qualité et tout format.

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In this concept photo of a water droplet I added an extra feature: the blue background of the drop shows the chemical formula of water (H2O) which is reflected in the droplet. So this is a water drop with double meaning.
When photographing water droplets timing often is the hardest part.
The droplet is only a few milliseconds in its largest shape before he collapses again. In this image the H2O formula should also be visible in the droplet to work the concept.
Working as a miniature lens the droplet turns the H2O formula upside down!

Cette œuvre est offerte par Wijnand Loven

Wijnand Loven photo de profilMy name is Wijnand Loven and I am a photographer based in The Netherlands. I specialize in conceptual photography, particularly aiming to translate technological abstractions and food-related concepts into imagery. Hope you like my images!

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