Vervallen trap

Vervallen trap par l'artiste Wim van de Water

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Vervallen trap sur Wim van de Water

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In oude kantoorpanden en kastelen kom je nog prachtige statige trappen tegen. Zoals ook in dit oude hoofdkantoor van een groot familie bedrijf. Doordat het al jaren leeg staat is er mooi verval.

En savoir plus sur Wim van de Water

Wim van de Water photo de profilHey,
My name is Wim van de Water and I live in the Netherlands.

I’ve been photographing for as long as I can remember. On holiday I shot a lot of foto’s resulting in my film roles always being full. I always had my camera with me, but these pictures where all shot in the automatic mode of the camera.

This all changed when I bought my first digital SLR camera in 2014, I wanted to get more out of my camera and this gave me a way to do it. I wanted to get rid of that automatic mode so I decided to do a night photography workshop. That night my camera went out of automatic mode for the first time and it did not come back after that evening. From that moment on I also started taking my photo’s in a .RAW format. After taking the photo I also started to develop it myself with editing programs. The beginning of the photographic addiction had begun.

But my hunger to get more out of my camera was not yet satisfied and I decided to make a photo trip to Venice to explore more ways of taking pictures. I did this together with a number of other enthusiasts and a professional photographer, we walked through the city for a few days and took some beautiful pictures. After this I have made many more trips to other beautiful cities in Europe.

Not long after my trip to Venice I met other photographers experienced in Urban Exploring (Urbex). Urbex is visiting and photographing abandoned buildings or not publicly accessible locations. In recent years I have visited dozens of these loc

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