Une mine, le vestiaire

Une mine, le vestiaire par l'artiste Perry Wiertz

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Une mine, le vestiaire sur Perry Wiertz

Achetez cette oeuvre sur toile, aluminium, Xpozer ou photographie (encadrée), impression d'art en haute qualité et tout format.

Code de l'oeuvre: 135617

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En savoir plus sur Perry Wiertz

Perry Wiertz photo de profilMy camera always played an imported role on a trips or holidays. This got an increasingly important role when packing my luggage. As a result, my camera even got a fixed place, a solid bag and a set of accessories. From this part I could capture abandoned places and landscapes on my own. For the last years, it has become more than just a hobby. I would like to share the places I see during trips. Everyone passes a nice spot or an old barn on an ordinary day, but what does it look like at sunset or even inside?

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