U-Bahnhof - Brandenburger Tor - Berlin-Mitte

U-Bahnhof - Brandenburger Tor - Berlin-Mitte par l'artiste Silva Wischeropp

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U-Bahnhof - Brandenburger Tor - Berlin-Mitte

sur Silva Wischeropp

U-Bahnhof - Brandenburger Tor - Berlin-Mitte sur Silva Wischeropp

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- Schwarzweissaufnahme der U-Bahnhof-Station "Brandenburger Tor" in Berlin Mitte
- neuer, modernisierter U-Bahnhof in Berlin
- photo : © 2015 by Silva Wischeropp

Cette œuvre est offerte par Silva Wischeropp

Silva Wischeropp photo de profilSilva Wischeropp was born in the Hanseatic city of Wismar in the former GDR. Today she lives and works in Berlin. As an experienced and passionate travel photographer whose interests span a broad range, she focuses on portraiture, street life, reportage, documentary, travel, tourism, landscape and nature. In addition, she is known for her recordings in the fields of architecture and fashion. Since 2016, her new repertoire includes surreal digital photo collages. For 20 years she has been known in Germany and abroad as a creative photo artist. Her works have been widely published and exhibited. "The photographic image process represents my personal work and creation area. This means dealing with image worlds, politics, human needs and sensitivities. The camera expands my scope to meet that other reality. Photography makes me happy, creates joy, closes boundaries, opens new doors, widens horizons. The camera teaches me to see, to sharpen the view, to capture moments, to perceive fleeting moments that are not visible to others. I am a creative person, a picture-maker, who draws on herself, does not copy a lot and develops her own imagery. So I move between the poles, reach different fixed points, look behind the scenes. Out of the thousandfold existing I manage to bring out something unique, unique moments of the picture."

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