Slieve League, Irlande

Slieve League, Irlande par l'artiste Marga Verweijen

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Slieve League, Irlande

sur Marga Verweijen

Slieve League, Irlande sur Marga Verweijen

Achetez cette oeuvre sur toile, aluminium, Xpozer ou photographie (encadrée), impression d'art en haute qualité et tout format.

Code de l'oeuvre: 271498
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Cette œuvre est offerte par Marga Verweijen

Marga Verweijen photo de profilSo, whats in the Jamjars?My life is all about images that constantly enter my brain as long as I have my eyes open. Images is what I think, see, the way I learn, remember and the way I like to share my memories with you. Having a camera with me almost every moment of the day, I grab what enters my head and show it via images.Travelscenes, streetphoto's and what else I might find I need to share via my so called ?Brain Images?. Enjoy MarJamJars!

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