Seaman's yarn - Art for Kids

Seaman's yarn - Art for Kids par l'artiste Atelier BuntePunkt

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Seaman's yarn - Art for Kids sur Atelier BuntePunkt

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Code de l'oeuvre: 34703
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Motive: Seaman's yarn
Art for Little Prince and Princess

Technique: Watercolour Painting
© designed by Sonja / art for kids

Colors: blue, white, red, orange, green - Tags: arche, lighthouse, houseboat, denmark, scandinavia, reizen, impression, beach, hearty, friendship, city, house, houses, seafaring, ship, ships, boats, fishing boats, beach, indrukken, art for children, art for kids, art for nursery, art kids room, nursery art, kids room art, kidsart, kids artwork, baby nursery, baby room, art children, children art, childrens art, child art, kid art, art baby, art for children, art for baby, kids room art, boy, boy room, child, childrens room, children, childs room, colorful, fantasy, for boys, for kids, fun for kids, girl, girl room, girls, kids room, kids, kids bedroom, multicolored, nursery, pictures for kids, sweet, whimsical

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Atelier BuntePunkt photo de profilI am an artist from Germany creating a magic world for kids with my paintings. Come and see the wonderful coloured world of my paintings, a world of fantasy where you?ll meet lovely creatures in a magic world? No matter if you?re looking for a painting for your childrens room or a special gift for a grown-up ? have a look around and enjoy yourself! Best wishes Sonja Mengkowski designed by artist Sonja Mengkowski ? art for kids

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