Sangstrup et Karlby Cliffs, Danemark

Sangstrup et Karlby Cliffs, Danemark par l'artiste Karen de Geus

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Sangstrup et Karlby Cliffs, Danemark

sur Karen de Geus

Sangstrup et Karlby Cliffs, Danemark sur Karen de Geus

Achetez cette oeuvre sur toile, aluminium, Xpozer ou photographie (encadrée), impression d'art en haute qualité et tout format.

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Vous pouvez visiter ces falaises moins connues et il n'y a certainement pas de foule hors saison. Il y a beaucoup de baignade, mais il faut faire attention. Le courant est traître, alors n'y allez jamais seul. Cet endroit est un favori des plongeurs, il y a beaucoup de formations calcaires avec des falaises et des crevasses entre les forêts de varech.

Cette œuvre est offerte par Karen de Geus

Karen de Geus photo de profilWelcome to my webshop! My name is Karen de Geus (1971). About 2 years ago I bought my first digite camera (Nikon). I did an online training and I read a lot of photography magazines (Zoom & National geographic) to get inspired. Now I'm hooked and it is my great passion. My passion lies mainly in making nature pictures (landscapes, extraordinary skies, sunrises, sunsets, birds, mammals, insects, etc.). Also I like to experiment with motion blur and depth of field. With the bokeh effect I can create the dreamy, vague, mystical images that I have in my mind. They can fire everyone's imagination? imagination. My environment is very excited by my pictures and inspired me to share my work in this shop. I try to tell a story without the words.Enjoy! Hopefully you like one of my pictures and hang it on your wall? The empty spot at the diner, the living room, the office? Or you might want to think of surprising somebody with one of my pictures on the wall.

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