Okavango river at sunset

Okavango river at sunset par l'artiste Felix Sedney

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Okavango river at sunset

sur Felix Sedney

Okavango river at sunset sur Felix Sedney

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The Okavango River forms the border between Namibia and Angola. At sunset birds gather in a tree along the river near the city of Rundu in the caprivi strip.

Cette œuvre est offerte par Felix Sedney

Felix Sedney photo de profilFelix Sedney is an amateur photographer who focuses mainly on landscape and nature photography. Most shots were realized in targeted visits to natural areas especially in the Netherlands, but also the rest of Europe is regularly visited. Images ftaken in the south west of Africa are also included. More images can be seen on his website http://www.inhetoogfotografie.nl. Images made by him can be found in leaflets for various companies and institutions and in a renowned photograpy book.

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