Monkey mother and her baby

Monkey mother and her baby par l'artiste Wijnand Loven

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Monkey mother and her baby

sur Wijnand Loven

Monkey mother and her baby sur Wijnand Loven

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Photograph of a proud monkey mother and her little baby. This images shows a combination of dedication, care and alertness. This image was shot at the edge of Ubud's Monkey Forest (officially named: Padangtegal Mandala Wisata Wanara Wana Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary) on the beautiful tropical island of Bali, Indonesia.
The backlight was provided by the setting sun behind the trees of the forest, changing the appearance of the monkeys into two fine silhouettes surrounded by green patches of foliage. It was great to see the animals preparing for the night from close distance.
Showing love, affection and care, this photograph will look wonderful on your wall!

Cette œuvre est offerte par Wijnand Loven

Wijnand Loven photo de profilMy name is Wijnand Loven and I am a photographer based in The Netherlands. I specialize in conceptual photography, particularly aiming to translate technological abstractions and food-related concepts into imagery. Hope you like my images!

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