Koppelpoort, Amersfoort - part four

Koppelpoort, Amersfoort - part four par l'artiste Tux Photography

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Koppelpoort, Amersfoort - part four sur Tux Photography

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This photo of the Koppelpoort in Amersfoort was made during the blue hour one evening in November 2014.
The Koppelpoort is a land and water gate from 1400 and was a part of the city wall.
The photo was taken using a tripod and remote control. The applied shutter speed is 40 seconds and the aperture of f11.

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Tux Photography photo de profilI have a great passion for the beauty that our world has to offer. Both in the Netherlands and far beyond. During the day and especially in the evening I try to make atmospheric photographs of cityscapes and landscapes. That is my greatest passion. Photos give me a memory of a beautiful place and I love to dream away with a photo. I would like to share my passion for photography with you through atmospheric photographs. And by qualitative photo products in this webshop. So you can experience that fine feeling, atmosphere or relaxation. And with that you can increase your living enjoyment or make a workplace more atmospheric.

In addition to the photos in this shop, I have a large number of other photos on https://tuxphotography.com. If there is a picture that you are interested in, please send an e-mail to info @ tuxphotography.com (without spaces). Also take a look at my other shop: https://shop.tuxphotography.com/ :-)

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