Italian Alps

Italian Alps par l'artiste Dirk Wüstenhagen

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Italian Alps sur Dirk Wüstenhagen

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En savoir plus sur Dirk Wüstenhagen

Dirk Wüstenhagen photo de profilIn 2009 German photographer and digital artist Dirk Wüstenhagen quit his day time job to concentrate exclusively on creating images based on his photography. To come closer to express the moods and atmospheres and the beauty before his eyes when taking his photos, he felt that he had to dive into photo processing and at a later point also into photo manipulation to empower him to bring across what he saw and felt.

His preferred subjects are atmospheric landscapes from the high mountains to lowlands and seascapes, but also abstractions, composite images and photo manipulations. He is also influenced by Surrealism and other trends in the world of the arts.

Today he is working with renowned picture libraries that concentrate on book cover and CD cover design. Many of Dirk’s images have been published and can be found in magazines, on CD’s, in and on books and of course on the walls of many people’s homes.

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