Golden Age I

Golden Age I par l'artiste Jesper Krijgsman

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Golden Age I sur Jesper Krijgsman

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Digital composite/Hypercollage photography.
Complete artwork measures 180 cm x 100 cm — 2018

We often refer to a time in the past of prosperity, peace and happiness as being the Golden age. A beautiful, endless spring in which the fruits of the earth are abundant. I like to dedicate this piece to our warmest and brightest days, and what lies ahead of us. Although a Golden Age is always in the past, our actions will make way for a new era of harmony and peace.

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Jesper Krijgsman photo de profilTo bring his digital landscapes to life, Jesper uses photography and editing. He meticulously combines his photography of natural elements and assembles these into a virtual dreamscape. He is fascinated by combining digital techniques with the natural world. His dreams, emotions and fantasies are his inspiration. The compositions he creates are fiction – a world full of wonder. Yet the artist exclusively uses natural elements in his work – all his material is gathered from our natural world. Through his compositions he hopes he is able to convince others that nature is full of wonders and magic. Jesper is a graphic designer and illustrator from the Netherlands, living in Zurich, Switzerland. He taught himself almost everything he knows about graphic design.

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