GREETING THE DAY par l'artiste Ans de Bie

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sur Ans de Bie


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Simple flowers and plants that grow in the city or on the outskirts of town. Just close to home. For some they are weeds, for me memories of the long walks I made as a child with my father. These flowers I photographed at sunrise, early in the morning, at the end of a long cold winter. These finished flowers seem dead, but not to me. in this time of season , sometimes there is a small layer of ice on the faded flowers.

Cette œuvre est offerte par Ans de Bie

Ans de Bie photo de profilMy name is Ans de Bie. I've been been active as a visual artist for years. I have enjoyed my training at the Art Academy in Den Bosch and that I have supplemented by following specific, some more specialist courses here and there. I work on paper and canvas, with acrylic paint, collage, watercolor, pen and pencil, often in combination. I make very diverse work; from cheerful children's room art to pop art and abstract art.For several years I'm working with digital photography, derived from the photography of my paintings. I started with photography in the analog era. Self developing and printing in my dark room. Currently I combine especially photography with art. In my collages I also use pictures that I made myself and edited with photo shop. The most compelling topic for me is man. Everything that has to do with photographing and painting of people I find interesting; crowd portraits, groups, etc.

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