Frozen in Time

Frozen in Time par l'artiste Gerard Leeuw

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Frozen in Time sur Gerard Leeuw

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Code de l'oeuvre: 231315
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For many times I visited the same spot over and over (Netherlands, Starrevaart Lake, fixed public shelter for birders) where I was able to witness these magnificent birds (Numenius arquata). Their landing, when shot with long exposure times can give amazing resuts. In this shot I wanted to achieve a high key effect with the birds standing in water. Exposed for the birds with an aperture of f/13 made all disturbing elements going away leaving nothing more than these birds in the frame. The combination of recorded movement and some birds standing still gives at least for me that little bit extra in this picture

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Gerard Leeuw photo de profilThanks for giving me the opportunity to give a short introduction. My name is Gerard Leeuw and I am a Dutch nature photographer.I try, and that is every time again a challenging task, to capture nature in all its simplicity. I strive for images which show my interpretation or express the feeling I experience in the field.

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