End of a tree

End of a tree par l'artiste Lex Schulte

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End of a tree sur Lex Schulte

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Mons Klint, the chalk cliffs on the Danish island of Mons. To get you down EXT, 994 force the longest kick of Denmark.
Over a length of eight kilometers of forests Mon end abruptly with chalk cliffs in the Baltic. These cliffs form Mons Klint. The rocks reach their highest point an elevation of 143 meters. The pebble beach is accessible via some steep stairs, steps each with a few hundred. The beach entry is not without risk, since frequently break large pieces of chalk off and disappear into the sea. Likewise, this tree of the cliffs is paid down and now in the surf light. Because it was quite cloudy the air were even, well I used a slow shutter speed to get the water evenly in the same color as the sky. What remains is a virtually colorless abstract image of the end of a boom.

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Lex Schulte photo de profilI am a teacher with a hobby who likes to share what he has made.

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