Dutch Sunrise

Dutch Sunrise par l'artiste Raoul Baart

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Dutch Sunrise sur Raoul Baart

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A cold morning with temperatures near freezing preceding a sunny late summerday, good circumstances for beautiful light and morning fog. So got up extra early and headed out to one of my favourite spots in Holland, the flat farming lands of the Alblasserwaard. This windmill, locally known as the Broekmolen, has been here since 1581 in order to keep the surrounding low lying farmland dry by pumping groundwater into the canal which can be seen on the right.

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Raoul Baart photo de profilPhotography has been a passion as long as I can remember. Concentrating mainly on travel photography (slides and black & white) I broadened my horizon after going digital 9 years ago. Since then I have been focusing on a large range of subjects - any subject would do as long as it would enable me to create a powerful image. Although this is still the case I now shoot mainly portraits (human and animals) as well as architecture and landscapes. For the latter I often make use of long exposure techniques, using long shutterspeeds to create dramatic or fairytale like effects in camera.

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