Cuijk at the river Maas

Cuijk at the river Maas par l'artiste Lex Schulte

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Cuijk at the river Maas sur Lex Schulte

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Cuijk on the Maas, just before sunrise. The streaky clouds come through very long shutter speed that was needed to take this photo. Due to this slow shutter speed, the Maas has also become nicely smooth. The Sint-Martinus church reflects in the Maas. Cuijk is a place in the northeast of the Dutch province of North Brabant, in the municipality of the same name, on the west bank of the Meuse. The name Cuijk is derived from the Celtic word 'Keukja', which means 'curvature' or 'curve'. This indicates the curvature or bend in the Meuse at Cuijk. 'Keukja' was later corrupted by the Romans to 'Ceuclum', from which eventually the name Cuijk arose.

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Lex Schulte photo de profilI am a teacher with a hobby who likes to share what he has made.

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