Campfire cooking in Sweden

Campfire cooking in Sweden par l'artiste Sjoerd van der Wal

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Campfire cooking in Sweden sur Sjoerd van der Wal

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Code de l'oeuvre: 203654
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Cooking pot or Dutch oven hanging above a campfire at the end of the day during a canoe trip in Sweden.

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Sjoerd van der Wal photo de profilI'm a freelance photographer with a passion for landscape photography and everything concerning the theme mobility. I shoot a lot of my work in the Dutch IJsseldelta region , but also during my trips abroad to eg Iceland, Norway and Scotland . I also have an extensive collection of automotive photographs and images of trains, planes and ships. If you have seen a particular picture of mine which is not on Oh my Prints, let me know , I'll add it to my shop.

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