Blue Doris Longwing Butterfly

Blue Doris Longwing Butterfly par l'artiste Tim Abeln

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Blue Doris Longwing Butterfly sur Tim Abeln

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Code de l'oeuvre: 294989
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Laparus doris, the Doris longwing or Doris, is a butterfly of the Nymphalidae family and only member (i.e., monotypic) of the Laparus genus. It is found from Central America to the Amazon. There is considerable colour and pattern variation, even at sub-species level. It is found from sea level to 1200 metres in forest clearings.The larvae primarily feed on granadilla species. Adults feed on nectar from Lantana flowers, with the females also collecting pollen from Psiguria and Psychotia flowers. Unfortunately you find find these beautiful animals in your garden at home in Europe.

En savoir plus sur Tim Abeln

Tim Abeln photo de profilWelcome! I am a Dutch photographer who just loves to go out and capture the beautiful world around us. Most of my photos are landscapes, animals and flowers. I started doing photography in 2015. Since then my perception has changed, I started seeing different things, started seeing the world in different ways. I always enjoyed a nice walk in the forest, it just seems more beautiful now. I hope you will enjoy my photos. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or requests.

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