Bibliothèque abandonnée avec piano.

Bibliothèque abandonnée avec piano. par l'artiste Roman Robroek

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Bibliothèque abandonnée avec piano. sur Roman Robroek

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Voici l'image d'une belle bibliothèque rococo, construite au XVIIIe siècle. La bibliothèque est très bien entretenue et possède une collection historique de livres. L'un des livres date du XIIIe siècle.

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Roman Robroek photo de profilMy name is Roman, a 31-year-old urban-obsessed photographer, born and raised in the enchanting South of the Netherlands. I shoot unique photos of undisclosed abandoned places. It?s the area of ?Urban? Photography.When I started my Urban photography journey, I mostly saw empty, abandoned and decayed buildings. It didn?t take long before curiosity struck me. What was the story behind those buildings? Who used to live there? What purpose did these objects serve and why were they abandoned? This curiosity created a close bond between me and Urban photography and I have since visited so many beautiful locations all over the world. The opportunity to take a peek behind closed doors is a truly unique experience, both relaxing and enticing at the same time. I immerse in the surroundings, but am also watching my every step and listening closely to every sound trying not to draw any attention.I specialize in uniquely capturing interiors and exteriors of a variety of buildings, working with natural light only.

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