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Nop Briex

Tilburg, Pays-Bas

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34 oeuvres de Nop Briex. Dernier ajout le 13-1-2019.


"I was born in 1965, named as Norbert Lambriex and raised in the Dutch farmer, miner and forensic village Beek in Zuid-Limburg. Nop Briex is my artist name. During my hikes, cycle trips, family day outs and holidays I make sketches, photos and paintings. Some ‘en plein air’ field works are produced in one session (alla prima), some are painted and finished in my home art studio.

Today's images and even those from the past inspire me to make them re-useable for new re-actionair modern impressionistic art. I admire everybody who makes a drawing and paint, regardless of someone's talent or style, and sometimes even when art isn't that authentic as it should be according the standards. My drawings and paintings are loose style quick sketched impressions, the paintings in a colourful palette. Driven by passionate impatience, and excitement at the same time, I draw and paint very rapidly by emotion, averse to perfection, fearing to drown into de-energizing details and tinkering. Compositions in unfinishing state, works that become part by the contemporary impressionist impulse. Evolving to a more questionnable abstract essential contemporary imaginable expressive impressionism. This is art of today."

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