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Aad Windig

Alkmaar, Pays-Bas

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Aad Windig, Graphic Artist and TimeTraveler. At young age Aad Windig was fascinated by the photographs of his famous great uncle Ad Windig and his contemporaries, like Maria Austria and Ed van der Elsken. In his professional life he specialized as a graphic designer, image retoucher and glass artist. Working for over 30 years for the best design agencies in the graphic industry. Another one of Aad's fascina tions and inspirations is time traveling. In his glass art he works with this theme. Manipulating time, leave the time stand still, catching time in a piece of glass. About 15 years ago Aad came along photo negatives on glass. Ancient pictures of long lost times. The processing of these negatives in his art, beautifully matched his time travelers fantasies. This was also the start of collecting vintage glass negatives. The collection evolved quickly and nowadays contains also positive slides and film negatives, covering the pre-digital era from approximately 1870 up to the 1980s. Over the years Aad specialized in working with vintage negatives and slides in combination with his graphic artwork and glass art. Taking snaps from different photo's, snaps of different times. Creating new time, new images, Photo Art. But what he loves most is the opportunity to travel in time, create new stories where sometimes time is lost...

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Photo de nos clients: 1924 - Tour de France sur Aad Windig
https://thumbs.werkaandemuur.nl/1/c6096b47f4abe90791941fe54f31b61b/175x175/thumbnail/crop.jpg Aad Windig Artiste Timeview Alkmaar, Pays-Bas,