The Crossing, Nijmegen

The Crossing, Nijmegen par l'artiste Paulien Varkevisser

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The Crossing, Nijmegen

sur Paulien Varkevisser

The Crossing, Nijmegen sur Paulien Varkevisser

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Code de l'oeuvre: 191453
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Bridge 'De Oversteek' in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.
The Crossing (also called Urban bridge) is the name of the new bridge opened in November 2013 for car traffic on the Waal, located in Nijmegen. This crossing is west of the two existing bridges in Nijmegen. On the south side of the bridge connects to the Verlengde Energieweg on the north side of the Graaf Alard Singel.
In memory of the Waal crossing in 1944 by personnel of the US Army 504th Infantry Regiment of the 82d Airborne Brigade carries the bridge and the road over it the name 'The Crossing'.

Cette œuvre est offerte par Paulien Varkevisser

Paulien Varkevisser photo de profilPaulien Varkevisser (1965) was born as the daughter of an architectural photographer / graphic designer and trained as a designer in the garden and landscape architecture. Photography has always fascinated her. A vacation without a camera is hard to imagine! Where photography was first a hobby, it has now become a passion which she combines since 2012 as a freelance photographer with her work as a freelance designer / illustrator / graphic designer.Working with images is in the garden and landscape architecture is an important aspect. This allows you to tell a story, convey your vision. Paulien combines therefore like her experience as a designer with the care of photography and for projects in town (streets, parks and architecture) and landscape. Garden Photography also belongs to. Meanwhile, she has extensive experience in gardening and photography project.In her spare time she likes to photograph. Just go out and 'see' what you find. That can be in the Netherlands, but also traveling abroad. Other cultures, cities and landscapes are just incredibly inspiring.The fascinating thing in photography is that everyone has his or her own perception of reality; not everyone sees the same thing. Paulien is always looking for simplicity, calm and clear lines. Composition, position, attention to detail and framing creates its own image. Also everyday matters are therefore special.

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