Pillar of the Dutch flood defense in Zeeland

Pillar of the Dutch flood defense in Zeeland par l'artiste Jan van der Vlies

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Pillar of the Dutch flood defense in Zeeland

sur Jan van der Vlies

Pillar of the Dutch flood defense in Zeeland sur Jan van der Vlies

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Cette œuvre est offerte par Jan van der Vlies

Jan van der Vlies photo de profilAs a schoolboy, I sat with my father in the darkroom to print class photographs in black and white. As a reward I got some pocket money. This is where love for photography came into being, and that is how I learned the art in the analogue age myself. Printing my own work in my father's darkroom.
As an autodidact I have mastered the skills and techniques by reading, learning and above all practicing. Falling and getting up is part of it.
There are, of course, countless rules that a good photo should meet, and it is good to take note of it so that you will not make any elementary mistakes.
The nice thing about rules is that you can also break them and use them creatively. Mind you, these rules are for a reason, so keep them in mind. But of course there is always the freedom to seek out the boundaries.
For example, the illumination triangle, the triangle of aperture, ISO and exposure time will of course stay upright, here you can not ignore it, but all other rules concerning composition, post-editing can be adjusted according to your own insight and taste.
My interest is mainly in the field of landscape photography and architecture, black-and-white and slow shutter speeds of photography. For this I currently use a Canon 6D Mark II SLR camera with a standard 24-105mm lens. I use this combination in 90% of cases. To create slow shutter speeds I use a set of filters from the brand Lee.

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