Loch Greshornish - low tide, Skye Scotland

sur Remco Bosshard

Loch Greshornish - low tide, Skye Scotland sur Remco Bosshard

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Situated on the south of Loch Snizort between Portree and Dunvegan, Loch Greshornish is a small sheltered loch ideal for those days when other marks are unfishable.

The best fishing to be had on the loch is from Greshornish point. The depth here isn't massive and there is a lot of kelp so it is advisable not to fish too deep. Pollock fishing here is superb, on average the fish are smaller than other locations on the island but they fight just as hard. Using lighter tackle here is the way to go, purely to get the most fun from these fish. Usual methods of jellyworm or ragworm fished with a leadhead work well for both Pollock and Wrasse here.
Fishing beachcasters here will produce Dogfish and Thornback Rays to fish baits. Ground is fairly clean further out and there is little impact from the tides so grip leads aren't really necessary. The only real hazard is the kelp beds close in.
Fishing the south and east sides of the loch on the bottom with smaller fish baits, ragworm or mussel will produce Dab, Flounder and Dogfish.

To get to Greshornish Point head along the A850 between Edinbane and Dunvegan where there is a signposted turn off for Greshornish house. Take this turning and follow the road down to the house itself. Parking here is limited to a few cars so use common sense when parking and make sure to leave access for the hotel and fish farm. Following the rough track the fish farm uses will lead to a gate, go through this and walk to the end of the track. From he

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