Statue of Liberty Sailing von Nicholas Berger

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Oil on Panel
Most of my works are large, like 2.5x1.5 meter.
They can be seen at Cavalier Galleries in NYC

Dieses Bild wird angeboten von Nicholas Berger

Nicholas Berger ProfilfotoNicholas “Nick” Berger is a listed artist whose works have achieved national and international attention.

The creative process is personal and personality-related. Nicholas Berger paints what inspires him, and his own expectations must be met in order for a piece to be offered for viewing. For the viewer, art is a personal experience, too. Nick’s realism finds an audience when viewers identify with an image, stirred to remember or to be in the moment. Nicholas Berger’s art resonates with people who share his affection for old industry and the heroism of hard work as time quietly turns the pages to begin new chapters. A Nicholas Berger painting is not romanticized. This artist is attracted to the beauty of decay, a streak of rust, and the fading paint of a disappearing era. Nicholas Berger says “These are romance paintings, but they are not romantic.”

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Kundenfoto: Statue of Liberty Sailing von Nicholas Berger, als akustikbild