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Schmetterling auf Mirabellenblüten

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Angélique Vanhauwaert über Schmetterling auf Mirabellenblüten

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Angélique Vanhauwaert Profilfoto

Dieses Bild wird angeboten von Angélique Vanhauwaert

I’m Angélique Vanhauwaert and some years ago I became fascinated by the photography industry. I started making photos and this has been my passion ever since.
At the age of 12 I received my first analog camera. Now, years later, I’m working with a Sony System Camera.
I graduated as an information scientist and I am still working part time at an IT company as a Software Consultant. I’ve always liked to be creative and now I’ve found my passion in the photography sector. I share my love for taking photos with my husband. Together we go outside, searching for all the beautiful things around us.
It started as a hobby. Eventually my dream became reality and I became a photographer on the side.
Just as in the IT world, photography contains several aspects, read ‘multiple specialties’, such as reportages, portraits, sports photography, landscape and nature photography, macro photography and so on.
Since I like diversity and new challenges, you can find me at all different kind of styles.

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Qualität und Vorteile von Schmetterling auf Mirabellenblüten als Leinwandbilder

  • Mittlerweile habe ich das dritte Werk von OhMyPrints erhalten. Mit Intervallen von mehreren Jahren ist es immer noch Top-Qualität!
  • Echte Künstler-Leinwand
  • Detailreicher und farbechter Druck
  • Hochwertiger Holzkeilrahmen

Schmetterling auf Mirabellenblüten

Bestelle diese Foto Schmetterling auf Mirabellenblüten von von Angélique Vanhauwaert als Reproduktion auf Leinwand, Alu-Dibond, Holz, als Poster, Fototapete oder Acrylglasbild.

Bildcode: 503 113
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