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Löwenzahn (Taraxacum officinale) in Schwarzweiss.

Über Marcel Pietersen

Marcel Pietersen ProfilfotoThe very first picture I made in 1974 . It was a project for school . The intention was to use my parents' house a photo. And that failed. It was then with a roll and everything had to be set manually. Once a camera of my oldest brother had it many years later to Mallorca . Also no success, because the sand came later rolls from the device . There were a number of nice pictures but not to write home about. Years later bought yourself a camera . It took me many rolls , but to say that I made pretty pictures , no ... In the Dolphinarium a full roll of film shot . I go to the photographer ( as you did then ) . But the pictures were again unsuccessful.Finally did the digital processing era . Many photos taken , many photos discarded idieaal because it costs nothing. Once they are on the PC have the ability to preserve them, to edit or to throw away. I now had the opportunity to exercise . Like many other novice photographers , I started with a Trust Power 710 @ m zoom . With this unit , in 2003 , even the wedding pictures made ??for my best friend and girlfriend . And not even that bad . Even if I do say so myself .Then I bought a HP 945. It was getting better with my pictures . Received increasing pleasure in photographing everything loose and stuck. I started to print photos and was regularly comment on the pictures taken . Holiday pictures in the Czech Republic , Belgium and Switzerland were made and it

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