Amersfoort Vathorst: Woningen aan het water

von David Pronk

Amersfoort Vathorst: Woningen aan het water von David Pronk

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Amersfoort Vathorst: Woningen aan het water

Dieses Bild wird angeboten von David Pronk

David Pronk ProfilfotoMy name is David Pronk, born in Rotterdam, currently 24 years old, and living in Amersfoort, The Netherlands since 2007. I am a passionate photographer specialized in architecture.My perspective on the worldSince I started with photography, I discovered my true passion. I love everything about photography, because it shows the viewer my perspective on the world, through my camera. It draws me into another world where I have the opportunity to redefine my environment.My workIn a few years time i?ve taken photographs of architecture all around the Netherlands in cities like Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Den Bosch and Amersfoort.My work is published in the following magazines: iPhone Magazine, Out of Art, Engagement met Autisme and Gers Magazine.

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