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Roelof Foppen

Koog aan de Zaan, Niederlande

Künstler: Roelof Foppen

22 Bilder von Roelof Foppen. Neuestes Bild: 7-11-2015.

More than 40 years I practice photography and have participated in the development of black and white printing in the darkroom via color to digital photography with Photoshop on the computer.
I still work with analog cameras and film as a hobby. Besides a Yashica Mat 6x6 camera I have a Holga pinhole camera for 6x12 negatives. My professional digital work I do as an autonomous documentary photographer with a Nikon full frame camera.
On this website you will find some of my famous works, which are now offered to the general public. My home base is near Amsterdam. From my trips to America, Africa and Asia you can see some highlights and if you like order for your home or office.

My work can also be found on various websites. Roelof Foppen Künstler Roelof Foppen Fotografie Koog aan de Zaan, Niederlande,