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Felix von Altersheim

München, Deutschland

Künstler: Felix von Altersheim

433 Bilder von Felix von Altersheim. Neuestes Bild: 13-11-2018.

Felix Von AltersheimFaces Face and FacesFelix von Altersheim - presents the unconditional beauty of facial features coupled with the intense action of mimic expressiveness. So the portraits -strength and willpower also radiate weakness- traits which gains additional effectiveness by a clever color choice. The choice of color shades is in contrast to the strong choice of subject - he loves painting faces - i n between - he also has trips to Animal paintings . Felix von Altersheim tries to persuade them to individual pieces of modern art its images

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Kundenfoto: Marvin Gaye Illustration Pop Art  von Felix von Altersheim
https://thumbs.werkaandemuur.nl/84a22bdd1ded81e90f4bb59073be2d01_175x175_crop.jpg Felix von Altersheim Künstler Facebook München, Deutschland,