Emma Ball Profilfoto

Emma Ball

Biarritz, Frankreich

Künstler: Emma Ball

21 Bilder von Emma Ball. Neuestes Bild: 3-3-2016.

My art is an extension of myself, an exploration of self. A way to express my emotions and depths through colour and creation. Writing a story without words. Starting with a blank canvas I have no preconceived ideas of the end result. Not knowing the outcome, not aiming to create a certain style or look but allowing myself paint and create naturally through intuition. My paintings are diverse as mood, weath er and music can affect my technique. I love using bold colours and heavy layers which add dimension so when the painting is viewed from various angles you see different forms and the painting takes on a different perspective. Adding texture, free flowing layers of colour, spontaneous movements and techniques resulting in an ever changing canvas. My paintings are a journey which I let the viewer create their own story. Interpretation is in the eye of the beholder. What the viewer sees is the truth, their truth.
https://thumbs.werkaandemuur.nl/519e063ed808bc40b84d0e39b7a19e43_175x175_crop.jpg Emma Ball Künstler Emma Louise Art Biarritz, Frankreich,