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Dennis Wierenga

Veendam, Niederlande

Künstler: Dennis Wierenga

52 Bilder von Dennis Wierenga. Neuestes Bild: 22-6-2018.

Dennis Wierenga (24) is a young photographer from Veendam, the Netherlands. He has combined his interest in photography with his passion for traveling and exotic cars. Dennis never goes on a trip without his camera and this has led to some beautiful pictures being taken in cities like New York, Helsinki, London and Dubai. Monte Carlo, Tokyo and Los Angeles are still high on his list of places to visit. In a ddition, he can count some 'luxury' car brands to his current customer base, including Audi, Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar Landrover. Always looking for the next shot, Dennis is continuously looking for new personal and client commissioned projects in the Netherlands and abroad. Dennis is specialization is car photography, but he has also experience with (corporate) events photography. Feel free to get in touch if want to hire Dennis for a different kind of photography, because a lot is possible.

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