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Ab Wubben

Nijmegen, Niederlande

Künstler: Ab Wubben

193 Bilder von Ab Wubben. Neuestes Bild: 8-11-2018.

Photography is a way to express myself and gives me a good excuse for travelling around the globe. I started this hobby many years ago and used to develop my film and photos in my own darkroom. A lot of time was spent in that room, breathing in all kinds of chemicals and wasting an immense amount of water to wash my photo's. But the effort was worth it because at the end of a day I would be able to add 10 e xtra photos to my collection! Today's methods of photography are very different, with technological advances making it possible for photography to be much more accessible and be able to reach a bigger audience. This site gives a glimpse of my work and hopefully you will enjoy and appreciate it.

https://thumbs.werkaandemuur.nl/fe5ea09eef3bc7b1b7768dbfdb502adc_175x175_crop.jpg Ab Wubben Künstler Photo Wubben Nijmegen, Niederlande,