zonnestralen over de woestijn

zonnestralen over de woestijn von Daan Steinhaus

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zonnestralen over de woestijn

von Daan Steinhaus

zonnestralen over de woestijn von Daan Steinhaus

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Daan Steinhaus ProfilfotoWelcome all! My name is Daan and I am from the Netherlands. I am currently training to be a commercial pilot. During the flight training a came across some extraordinary views. In flight as well as on the apron. That made me open a Flickr account to share these moments with the rest of the world. With my photos I am trying to express my passion for aviation as well as photography. I am trying to make aviation look as unique as it is and getting across how aviation captivates me. It is incredibly fascinating to see a 500 tonnes aircraft lifting of the ground. Even though flying is so ´normal´ for a lot of people nowadays, for me every flight is still special. After hundred of flying hours I still get goosebumps when I lift off the ground and enjoying the beauty of flight and the incredible views.

Please join me on this flight!

Take a look at my website for more photos, presets and tutorials : dst-photography.com/

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