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Writers Block Malerei

von Paul Meijering

- Bildcode: 722177

Paul Meijering über Writers Block Malerei

Realistisches Gemälde in Acryl von "The Big Three", die 3 größten Nachkriegsschriftsteller der Niederlande, Willem Frederik Hermans, Gerard Reve und Harry Mulisch, gemalt von dem Künstler Paul Meijering.
Das Originalgemälde ist 90 x 120 cm groß und steht zum Verkauf.
Writers Block Malerei ist in den Kategorien Diner, Gerard Reve, Harry Mulisch, Kochen, Literatur, Malerei, Paul Meijering, Realismus (Kunst), Schreibblockade, Schriftsteller und Willem Frederik Hermans zu finden.
Paul Meijering Profilfoto

Dieses Bild wird angeboten von Paul Meijering

For almost 33 years now, Paul Meijering has been active with the paint brushes. As a 17- year old inspired youngster he joined the Academy of Arts in Enschede (Holland) in order to receive a native training in drawing- and painting technique.

At that time (1980) the tendency of the abstract was running riot, and to his dismay and disappointment Paul found that the trade of the ancient masters was merely 'old hat', the realistic art being disregarded and looked down upon. After two years of useless botchery, there was only one conclusion to draw: 'get autodidact, be a self-taught person!' Paul then left the academy to work for a living, but at the back of his mind there always loomed the passion of his life: to paint. At his spare time he painted and his efforts are characteristic as far as man plays an important role are concerned, or to put it in his own words: 'Each human being tinkers at his own existence, it is the source of inspiration to explain the non-verbal by way of painting'.

The paintings attracted attention at various exhibitions and he was frequently approached by trades-people, hotel-keepers, merchants. These customers were for the most part interested in large wall-paintings and decorations. In the year 2000 the painter develops a speciality that's quite unique: he applies himself to paint football pictures. After a year he gets the chance to realize an open exhibition for an indefinite time as well with the Dutch Football Union 'KNVB' in Zeist as in

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Qualität und Vorteile von Writers Block Malerei als Leinwandbilder

  • Mittlerweile habe ich das dritte Werk von OhMyPrints erhalten. Mit Intervallen von mehreren Jahren ist es immer noch Top-Qualität!
  • Echte Künstler-Leinwand
  • Detailreicher und farbechter Druck
  • Hochwertiger Holzkeilrahmen

Writers Block Malerei von Paul Meijering

Bestelle dieses Maleri Writers Block Malerei von von Paul Meijering als Reproduktion auf Leinwand, Alu-Dibond, Holz, als Poster, Fototapete oder Acrylglasbild.

Bildcode: 722177

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