Waterdroplet with chemical formula H2O

Waterdroplet with chemical formula H2O von Wijnand Loven

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Waterdroplet with chemical formula H2O

von Wijnand Loven

Waterdroplet with chemical formula H2O von Wijnand Loven

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In this concept photo of a water droplet I added an extra feature: the blue background of the drop shows the chemical formula of water (H2O) which is reflected in the droplet. So this is a water drop with double meaning.
When photographing water droplets timing often is the hardest part.
The droplet is only a few milliseconds in its largest shape before he collapses again. In this image the H2O formula should also be visible in the droplet to work the concept.
Working as a miniature lens the droplet turns the H2O formula upside down!

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Wijnand Loven ProfilfotoMy name is Wijnand Loven and I am a photographer based in The Netherlands. I specialize in conceptual photography, particularly aiming to translate technological abstractions and food-related concepts into imagery. Hope you like my images!

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