Tower Two

Tower Two von Natasch Wesselink

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Tower Two von Natasch Wesselink

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Wanneer begint een herinnering en wanneer houdt deze op? Welke bewaren we en welke vergeet je? Op het moment dat je een foto maakt, beslis je of iets relevant is voor jou leven. Maar de vraag waarom, wordt zelden gesteld. Vaak staan er mensen op waar je van houd, die je bijzonder vind, of gewoon bij je horen en worden daardoor zo persoonlijk dat hun zeggingskracht te over laat. Door persoonlijke foto’s in verschillende resoluties om te zetten in lijnen, maak ik abstracties van wat ooit was en geef ze een nieuw bestaan.

Über Natasch Wesselink

Natasch Wesselink ProfilfotoThe enthusiasm for digital design originated for me during a graphic media education, which I successfully completed after my study at the art academy in 1996. From that moment on a world opened up literally and figuratively for me and the possibilities of the computer offer me endless inspiration to come to a special image that suits me in its own way every time.

As a child's drawing can come from nothing, I want to make images. In the contact from my work with young children, but also when it comes to my own private life, I experience the open view of children on the world as an enormously valuable fact. The imaginative conversations that are being conducted. The inimitable first scratches on paper that have an enviable originality. They are a great source of inspiration to continue working with. When I am working, I exclude the rational as much as possible, so that I experience enormous freedom in the choices to come to an intuitive and personal image. In an exciting interplay of the computer and I, I come to a line that can go its own way.

The works can be purchased from one square meter on dibond with a protected coating. Prices on request.

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