The way to happiness

The way to happiness von Sophie Vandebuerie

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The way to happiness von Sophie Vandebuerie

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Sophie Vandebuerie ProfilfotoSophie is a passionate, motivated photographer with a warm personality and a spicy touch. She has a background of mastering the arts of painting and a medical background as a nurse. That, she all blend together with an enchanting result.Her mission is to reach, inspire people, touched with her way of looking to the world and life. In a world full of passion, intense color shades, strong composition, aesthetic beauty in a world that we sometimes take for granted... It's a moody-style full of inspiring subjects, there is no emphasis on a theme. Each ensouled artwork had a story to tell and is very personal, deep, direct and honest. It's a constant quest for indisputable beauty.All her works have an inner strength that is felt at the first eyecontact. It's a relevation for the soul!!

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