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von Henk Tijbosch

Springen von Henk Tijbosch

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Looking at art is a creative act.
The spectator is an artist in his or her own right,
an on-the-spot co-creator of a truly unique instance of the work in question.
The spectator is as invaluable as the artist.

Here we see Henk Tijbosch not as a draughtsman or painter in the traditional sense.
On his Apple Macintosh he creates surfaces and shapes. Sometimes of a pictogrammatic sobriety, at other times using instantly recognizable icons to which the spectator can link his or her own images and recollections.
The images Henk Tijbosch serves the spectator with are evocative, they call up rather than depict and describe.
No matter how tight his work may look, Tijbosch doesn’t force his spectators’ minds, but invites them to complement his work with their own personal content.

The images Henk Tijbosch creates could have been designed for a unique version of the Memory board game.
In his case turning over tiles to find and pick up their twins isn’t necessary, however.
The second tile of a pair will pop up seemingly of its own accord, in the mind of the spectator,
where it will find its niche in the grey matter of her or his brain.


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