Release fear

Release fear von Cynthia Jagtman

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Release fear von Cynthia Jagtman

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Intuïtief geschilderd, zonder van te voren te weten hoe het er uit gaat zien of waar het heen gaat. Mooie intense kleuren en sterke contrasten. De kijker kan en mag zijn/haar eigen betekenis hieraan geven.

Über Cynthia Jagtman

Cynthia Jagtman ProfilfotoCreativity, and especially painting is part of my wellbeing. I think all people are creative and being creative is a way to have fun, be in the present moment and a healing for your soul.My paintings are created through a process of intuitive layering free flowing colors and mark-making with carefully rendered organic forms.These forms, such as leaves, branches, feathers, flowers, figures and birds, co-mingle with color fields to tell stories of magical places born from dreams and connection to all living things. Often changing courses along the way. I find joy in allowing my paintings to unfold naturally as I experiment with color, form and compositionI want to send my paintings into the world so my viewers connect to their subconscious mind through a movement of color and shape. I do not aim to instruct my viewer to understand a clear message in my work but I aim to get them to feel and acknowledge what is most prominent within themselves. What it looks like, what it reminds them of and how it makes them feel. It is with color and flow that I encourage my viewer to draw their attention inward and reconnect with themselves.

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