Pop Art celebrity beauty portrait

Pop Art celebrity beauty portrait von Jerome Coppo

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Pop Art celebrity beauty portrait von Jerome Coppo

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Provokative und sexy Darstellung einer berühmten Mode Model Berühmtheit in ein Pop-Art Thema

Über Jerome Coppo

Jerome Coppo ProfilfotoThe French autodidact, Jérome Coppo, discovered some 12 years ago the digital possibilities between abstract, surrealism and conventional photography.
His works, which seem to have no genre limitations, include close-up capture of objects most people see without noticing, architectural photography and portraiture, all of which awaken the beholder´s imagination.
Residing in Rotterdam for many years, Jérome Coppo has developed his personal interpretation of how he views architecture, whilst his photos of “ignored” objects reveal their fascination and his surrealistic compositions reflect his creativity.
Jérome Coppo has exhibited his works in Utrecht (2015), at The European Patent Office building in Rijswijk (2013), in France (2014) and in Hellevoetsluis (2018).

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