Noordzeestrand duingebied 01

von Cilia Brandts

- Bildcode: 385392

Cilia Brandts über Noordzeestrand duingebied 01

De Nederlandse stranden zijn met het gele zand, de prachtige duinen een erg mooi gebied. Langs de hele Noordzee zijn grotere en kleinere stranden te vinden. Populair bij toeristen ,maar zeker ook bij de Nederlander zelf!
Noordzeestrand duingebied 01 ist in den Kategorien Fotografie, Landschaften, Nordsee, Ozeane und Meere und Strand zu finden.
Cilia Brandts Profilfoto

Dieses Bild wird angeboten von Cilia Brandts

Days at the office take a lot of my time, but no complains here, cause I like my job and the people that put up with me day by day. But, whenever I can find a moment, well actually a few hours , I disappear . Living in a small town in the centre of the Netherlands, I never realised the beauty that is so nearby. Being quite a 'solist' by nature I can spent hours wandering through forests and moorlands, pretending to be some kind of explorer at National Geographic channel. My camera is my only companion, a quiet one, indeed, but that is a perfect fit for me. Being one with the landscape, I make every effort to freeze the images from my eye on to the camera, which is definitely a challenge..

I do not pretend to be a great photographer, since everybody seems to be one these days. What I do know is the peace and energy it brings to me wandering around and capturering the beauty around me. Some of my work has been published and sold and although that brings a great smile to my face, it will and cannot beat the feeling of the wanderer..

Feel free to take a look at some of my work and let me know what you think.

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Qualität und Vorteile von Noordzeestrand duingebied 01 als Leinwandbilder

  • Mittlerweile habe ich das dritte Werk von OhMyPrints erhalten. Mit Intervallen von mehreren Jahren ist es immer noch Top-Qualität!
  • Echte Künstler-Leinwand
  • Detailreicher und farbechter Druck
  • Hochwertiger Holzkeilrahmen

Noordzeestrand duingebied 01 von Cilia Brandts

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Bildcode: 385392
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