Nacht der Sterne

Nacht der Sterne von Lesinigo Enrico

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Nacht der Sterne von Lesinigo Enrico

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Inspiriert von Van Goghs sternenklarer Nacht.

Über Lesinigo Enrico

Lesinigo Enrico ProfilfotoBorn and resident in Italy. In my work I look for the originality and the uniqueness of the artistic expression even if you can find references to the artists I prefer or pictorial expressions that fascinate me as Modigliani, Pollock, Fontana, Rotkho, Morandi, Andy Warror and Pompeian or Oriental painting .
I belive the picture is an act of expression and research. It hides emotions, the sense of beauty but also the drama of life and the repetitiveness of moments and gestures of everyday: the flow of life that flows. My thought is to express the presence of abstraction in life through research and introspection. The progress of creation is based on simplification and this is why lines, forms and points continuously develop an interrelationship between them. That opens up infinite possibilities of expression of the world that is within us and at the same time separates us from the outside.
My language tries to express what I feel and think and aims to involve the viewer through intellectual experience and knowledge.
Its purpose is to manifest all that is normally hidden in every individual and that is not explained, going beyond what we are led to believe and see.
I did classical studies and I graduated in medicine at the University of Milan. I'm a gastroenterologist, I work in a hospital and I'm always interested in arts. I painted for years, oil, acrylic and watercolor and recently I became interesting in digital paint.

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