Mühle Der Hut bei Sonnenuntergang

Mühle Der Hut bei Sonnenuntergang von Marijn Goud

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Mühle Der Hut bei Sonnenuntergang von Marijn Goud

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Wunderschöner Sonnenuntergang an einem schönen Sommerabend in Waarde, Zeeland in der Gemeinde Reimerswaal.

Über Marijn Goud

Marijn Goud ProfilfotoI love to travel, I love nature and I love the creator of it all. Photography is a great way to create memories of my travels and little snip bits of creation. My main focus is landscape photography, both during the day and at night. The golden hour (half an hour before to half an hour after sunset and or sunrise) is a time when nature is at its best. Its also a time when most people are still in bed or eating supper, but very much worth to get out of bed for. Photography is a hobby, not my full time occupation. I work for a mission organization and NGO (Mission Aviation Fellowship or MAF) in Africa, which provide great possibilities for photo stories and photo journalism. I hope to show more of this in the near future and try to keep expanding my collection on this website frequently.

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